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Cornbread & Creepypasta Weird Appalachia

Cornbread & Creepypasta S1E22

Storytelling… Appalachia’s favorite past-time. As children, our grandmothers told us tales that would make our blood run cold, then send us off to bed. In this episode, Erin and guest and YouTube personality Brittany Rodebaugh are sharing their favorite granny stories and local lore as well as the evolution of storytelling.

In the episode:

  • A glowing grave in Boonescamp, KY
  • Good ole’ “Booger Hill”
  • More of our favorite local lore
  • The terror of the internet: CREEPYPASTA!


Home Fired Folklore

Home Fried Folklore S1E2

Growing up in Appalachia, storytelling was a major part of our childhood. It has been an important part of our culture for generations! In this episode we are sharing some of our favorite stories; folklore, paranormal, and some are even personal experience.

In the Episode:

  • Storytelling as an art
  • Stories shared with us from family
  • Stories we experienced ourselves