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Music to Make Babies to Weird Appalachia

Music to Make Babies to S1E17

A little on the NSFW side this time, we are talking about sexuality in mainstream music and our picks for the best “get it on” music. It’s gettin’ hot in hurrr…

In the Episode:

  • The evolution of sex in mainstream music and entertainment
  • Elvis!
  • The impact of Madonna
  • Our favorites in romantic music and sexy vocals
  • Sexual pioneers in the music world



Nekkid S1E7

This one is NSFW! What is the line between tasteful nude art and pornography? Is there a line? This week we are discussing nudity in art and film as well as *ahem* the sexy stuff. Possible trigger warning.

In the Episode:

  • Famous nudes
  • Nudity in film
  • The earliest forms of pornography
  • Modern Pornography