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Weird Appalachia Goin' Campy

Goin’ Campy S2E9

Aliens! Mothman! Star Wars! Ninja Turtles! Zombies! Drag Queens!? Yes, all in one episode!

We are talking PURE CAMPINESS with special guest, artist, Jason Shepard. Jason is a master of campy, pop culture inspired art AND the author of his own comic book series, Price: Private Investigator.

In the Episode:

  • What the hell is camp, anyways?
  • The Little Green Men Festival
  • The Mothman Festival
  • Jason’s style & how he started creating comics
  • John Waters, the master of camp
  • Campiness movies, comics, TV, & our own art


The Mothman Cometh

The Mothman Cometh S1E6

What do you do when your gallery visit doesn’t go according to plan? You hunt for the Mothman, of course! This week we are talking about our road trip to Point Pleasant, WV… home of the Mothman, and a town FULL of interesting art and attractions!

In the Episode:

  • The legend of Mothman
  • Our gallery experience
  • Tourism of Point Pleasant
  • We traveled to the TNT where Mothman was often spotted